How to make Green Fire:

Warning: You should be an adult with common sense and performing this trick outside on a heat and flame resistant table top, barbecue, or similar.

1. Boric Acid
Medical grade boric acid can be found in the pharmacy sections of some stores for use as a disinfectant. It is a white powder. It's not the same chemical as borax. Many roach or ant powders of 90 to 99 percent boric acid - you maybe able to substitute with care.

2. Antifreeze / Water Remover (methyl alcohol)


1. Fire / heat resistant open container put outside on safe location outside for the experiment.  The location where the container will sit should be metal, stoneware, barbecue grill - do not use glass, wood, or plastic container or table for the project!  The location should be a safe area similar to if you where going to barbecue, and use all other common sense practices you would normally take with barbecuing or using fireworks!

2. Put into container 1/2 cup of methyl alcohol

3. Put into container 2 tablespoons of boric acid - mix in the boric acid as best you can, sometimes is will not mix fully - do not mix do your best.

3. Carefully light the top of the mixture - walahh green fire!!!

*** Do not inhale the smoke or do not use inside the house, or in an enclosed area - be safe!

Change the colors  - common household metal salts will change the color as the salts burn away in the flames.

You can try changing the methyl alcohol with rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alchohol) the fire will switch colors between blue, green to orange.


Have fun, but be safe!


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