End of Days

 Here our articles that suggest the END OF DAYS is upon us.

My thoughts on earth / End of Days in 2015:

Environmental problems:  This Earth has a natural cycle of change about every 3500 yrs - the magnetic poles shift, antarctica melts and earth becomes green again. We are in the beginning stages of this happening again. Which will result in many nature catastrophes, earth quakes, droughts, and changes all over the planet. The draconians want us to believe - the only way to save the earth is to reduce the population of humans - this is a lie! They only want to reduce the population of humans - because of control.  They do not need some many of us around - it puts them a risk of being discovered and killed by humans. The earth will do what it wants despite us. Just short of nuclear war humanities influence on earth as a whole is very limited at best in the scale of hundreds of years of change. A few hundred years - what we can and will do on earth can easily be swept away all naturally.  Not I am not saying burn more oil - I am saying we are not as much an influence as others would tell you about Earth and her changes in mood or cycles.

Morality: The earth particularly EU and USA is becoming more immoral and falling away from Christian Views.  To much angry, hate, demonic, worldly views are being taught, promoted and forced upon the people of these countries.  While mideastern countries extremists of islam teaching are pushing toward more open confrontations with those that disagree with their teaching.

War: China is preparing for starting World War 3 in the next 5 years.  Russia is rebuilding its territories and expanding its war machine. Germany is practically controlling most of EU states with economic measures and control.

USA: See major power moves by the extreme left and news media to force conservative views to be seen as extreme or crazy.  To make religious institutions as evil and racist, and abolish any laws that have a moral basis.  The left is becoming like a rabid dog chasing after any way they can remove christian morality and the 10 commandments out of America. 

Here is the articles from others points of view: