Morphing Lizard Lady:  


This is an interview with a women that seems to morph during the casual interview?

This is becoming an intriguing new area of study - Morphing Lizard People.

Now with everyone having video or camera equipment from cell phones to more professional systems.

More and more armature photographers every day are capturing everyday people that appear on review of the photo or video afterwards to be not so everyday.

The UFO Community - believe this is a typical example of a Reptilian Women - Saurians that can cloak or morph their bodies to appear more human.  This ability works well on the human eyes (called glamour) but does not stay constant enough to always fool a photo or video.

Demonologist Community - believe this is a classic example of demon possession and the women most likely has no clue that she is being partially possessed by the demonic being(s).  The demon acts as a parasitic being that is sharing the body with the human. This can cause large swing in emotions, extreme personality switches, aversion to things, music, environments of positive energy, spiritual light.  In such cases energy balls are very common as shown in this video.  The energy ball being a spirit, lost soul, earth spirit or demonic entity being attracted to the presence of the energy release by the possession, similar to a moth to a flame, or feeding frenzy of sharks in open water.

I personally feel that the area of UFO and Demonology can be tied together and from the research of both camps we can gleam some truth of our own.  Is this video real?  I have no idea, if it is not they did a very good job of developing it.

I would love to interview and video this lady myself to see if there is any real truth here to be found.

Some of the Reptilian YouTube videos focus on:

Eyes and rapid eye blinking - becoming reptilian like during interviews.  Where the pupils become narrow / slanted up and down with a great deal of eye lid blinking.   I think some of these maybe a false positive due to the nature of the video lens and the light during taking of the video.  It seems most common with people with hazel eyes.

Tongues: many claim with the weird eye slanting, eye blinking, eye color change, their tongues also begin to flicker and dart to the tip of the mouth and back in.

Example of Eye and Tongue Reptilian: (these can not be confirmed as real or not!)

 Reptilian woman from Poland - 1012

Real Human Alien Hybrids Living on Earth

Aileen Wuornos - Morph ( example of possible possession )

Lady Reptilian - Mouth Morphing 1927