Civet (Viverra tainguensis) - Newly discovered

"This new record for the reserve, and for the distribution of the species, is also thought to be the first confirmed photograph of a live example of this species in the wild."
--Stephen Reynolds


Civets are omnivorous, supplementing a meat diet (both hunted and scavenged) with fruit, eggs, and possibly roots. One of the Common Palm Civet's favorite fruits is the coffee "berry." The coffee bean within often survives, and it is sometimes gathered and sold as caphe cut chon ("fox-dung coffee") in Vietnam or Kopi Luwak ("civet coffee") in Indonesia.

It has been suggested that the practice of eating palm civets may have resulted in the SARS virus outbreak of 2003. In January 2004, Guangdong province in China banned sales of civet cats (they are not cats) and ordered the slaughter of all captive civets. In January 2004 the United States announced an embargo on the importation of civets.