Slender Loirs:

A personal favorite and almost extinct to due to over hunting and destruction of its natural habitat.

Adult Slender Loris 


The slender loris is a small arboreal (tree dwelling) mammal about the size of a chipmunk. They are found only in the tropical rain forests of Southern India and Sri Lanka. They are easy to identify as their large striking brown eyes are surrounded by dark brown to black circles of fur and the bridge of its nose is white. The slender loris has small finger nails on all of its digits. The second digit on the hand and foot are very short and move on the same plane as the thumb, which helps them grasp branches and twigs.

Like the sloth, the slender loris moves in a slow and deliberate manner and travels along the tops of branches. They hunt for insects in pairs or alone at night and then come together to share food. As social mammals, they Sleep with up to seven other lorises in hollow trees or sitting up on branches. They also play, wrestle, groom each other.

Mating occurs twice a year with one or two infants born per mating pair.

slender loris walking on a limb

Here is an animals that should be considered for import as a natural way to defeat many known destructive inscets.

If they could be safely intruduced to large fruit or nut plantations it could safe billions a year in lost fruit and reduce the use of chemical insceticides. - Just a thought.



Mating occurs twice a year; in April-May and October-November. Gestation is 166-169 days, after which one, and occasionally two infants are born. During the first few weeks mothers carry their infants constantly. The infant will grasp its mother around the waist with both its front and hind legs. After a few weeks the mother "parks" the infant on a branch at night while she forages. The babies move around carefully at first but by two months they are maneuvering around quite well. More mature lorises who sleep in the same tree may visit them at night to play and eat with them. Females will reach sexual maturity in 10 months and 18 months for males. The slender loris has a life span of 12 to 15 years.

The slender loris is for the most part insectivorous. This means they eat insects, but they will also eat slugs, young leaves, flowers, shoots, and occasionally eggs and nestlings. They can stretch and twist their long arms and legs through the branches without alerting their prey. The slender loris eats a lot of noxious and bad smelling insects. They particularly like the acacia ant whose bite can numb a human arm. They also like toxic beetles and roaches. The slender loris will engage in urine washing, or rubbing urine over their hands, feet and face. This is thought to soothe or defend against the sting of these toxic insects.