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Skunk Ape (Big Foot)

The group of Big Foot that live in Florida are becoming more recognized as being possible real by main stream thanks to the dedicated work of many in wild life and cryptology. 

If there is a possibility of a Big Foot being captured alive this may be the place.

For the article sake - we are defining Big Foot as a newly discovered primate that has similar genetics of a human and chimpanzee.  That is recognized as walking upright, very hairy, human like skull, with a very physically muscular body, ranging from 5ft to 10ft tall.

This image taken in 2000 yr - 

In 2000, two photographs of an ape, said to be the Skunk Ape, were taken anonymously and mailed to the Sarasota Sheriff's Department in Florida.  from a woman claiming to have photographed the edge of her backyard. The photographer claimed that for three nights the ape had entered her yard to take apples from a bushel basket on her porch. She was convinced it was an escaped orangutan. The police were called to the house numerous times but when they arrived the 'Ape' was gone.

The pictures have become known to Bigfoot enthusiasts as the "skunk ape photos".

Loren Coleman is the primary researcher on the Myakka photographs, having tracked down the two photographs to an "Eckerd photo lab at the intersection of Fruitville and Tuttle Roads" inSarasota County, Florida.

Skunk Apes like other classical Big Foot are omnivorous.

This means their diet consists of both meat and plants. Due to analysis of Skunk Ape droppings it is well documented during the months of March through May that Skunk Apes frequent wading bird nesting areas, known as rookeries, feeding on flightless nestlings. Skunk Apes also capture and eat fish, reptiles and large mammals including; deer and wild hog.




The Skunk Ape is a large hairy, bipedal mammal that inhabits swampy areas in the southern United States, including the Florida Everglades. It is said that the blood line of this hominid can be traced to that of its very close relative, the North American Sasquatch.

The Range of the Skunk Ape is said to be from  Florida, they have been spotted as far north as Tallahassee and as far south as Lostman's River. Numerous sightings have also been reported in Louisiana, including the Cotton Island and Honey Island Swamp areas. Large adult males are said to weigh in excess of 450 lbs and stand 6 to 7 feet tall with reddish or dark brown hair similar in appearance to an orangutan or gorilla.

Since they are part of the Big Foot family - it is hard to decide where the typical nomadic big foot being spotted during its migration patterns and these Skunk Ape leave off.

Which the Skunk Ape seem very comfortable staying in a more localized areas of the swampy states of the USA, venturing out closer to humans for easy food. Then back into the more natural security of the swamps.

As far as we know - like humans these Skunk Apes maybe be elderly Big Foot that come to Florida / Louisiana to retire and spend their last days.  Which could explain minimal skeletons of Big Foot being discovered.  Since the majority of the elder Big Foot limit their range to just swampy areas where the death of one. The remains would quickly be lost to the natural climate and animals populace that inhabits it.

 On a personal note - as a boy in Louisiana I spent some time in the swamp.  It is a very beautiful place full of almost any creature found in other parts of the USA living very well among the water ways and thick brush.  I more then once came across a black Anaconda that was so large the with of it was the size of a large tree, it could lift is self off the ground at least 4 ft, and the head was bigger then a large dog and you could clearly see the needle like teeth from a good 15 feet away (the closest I ever got to it).  Now mind you we saw him 3 times in 3 years with different friends, and the only adult that would believe us was an old rancher down the way.  I was a good boy and known for my honesty - yet people did not want to believe that a dinosaur size snake lived within walking distance of their homes in the swampy waterways not far from the main street.

I tell you this story to make you realize that it is easier to disbelieve in something that is scary to you.  Then to risk the thought of believing.  The snake a true story is just an example.  A man would stand no chance one on one with a Big Foot.  A single man in most cases could not win a fight with a smaller chimpanzee and as there are many reports on such attacks and the out come.

I am not saying the Skunk Ape is a threat to man.  I think they are smart enough to avoid conflict with man when possible, and when not they leave little to no evidence to proof an attack was from them.  Plus any hunter can tell you most animals the can potentially hurt a man even down to a small squirrel learn have a very healthly respect for a man that looks like he is carrying a gun, otherwise they will be all around you making trouble how ever they can.  Such as Big Foot - he nows man is trouble and have learned to avoid them.

Once when I was a small boy in 3rd grade an old gentlemen told me that "Most animals respect guns, more then men do."

To prove his point he took me outside where this squirrel has in a large tree by his house and been annoying him for awhile.

He gave me a broom and told me to hold it like a gun and approach the tree.  As soon as I pickup the broom and held it like a rifle the squirrel disappear and was all quite like.  I circled the tree several times but it was gone just like magic.

The old man then told me to put the broom in the house and come back outside.  As soon as I did the squirrel magically showed it self again.  What happened you ask?  Well the squirrel kept a large tree branch between me and him the whole time I had the gun.  If I could not see it - I could not shoot it.  The old man went in side while the squirrel was making fun of me and brought out a 22 rifle and used me and the broom to confuse the squirrel long enough for him from to use a distance shot to shoot it.  Sad story for the noisy squirrel, but it taught me again guns kill, and something new even a small squirrel fears a man with a gun.

Let us compare a squirrel to a man like creature (Big Foot) who has a higher capacity of learning and thinking.  They live among us, but by now realize that mankind can be a threat to them.  So they have adapted to avoiding us, yet also scavenge from us when ever possible.  Much like the modern day coyote - who can be found from New York to California and adapts its hunting / food gathering skills to match their location as a needed for survival.

* Skunk Smell: I believe the distinct skunk like smell is used to help keep mosquitoes, ticks, mites and other insects away.  It is either a natural defense or a concoction that they apply to themselves, or lastly - lots of hair and no shampoo.


skunk-ape1 Skunk Ape - forest

 Breakdown - Myakka Shunk Ape - 2015


Note on Breakdown - Myakka Shunk Ape - 2015: Many of these photos seem to be fake and the one in the swamp up to his shoulder in water appears to me to be a stiff prop dummy. 

SkunkApe 2015

Note on "Breakdown - Myakka Shunk Ape" - 2015:

This appears to be a dummy Gorilla with fake hair and white painted stripe.

The face appears to be molded plastic - particularly the mouth, nose, and eyes.. 

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