Creature in Walker County, Alabama as seen on Animal Planet's I Was Bitten: Walker County Incident:


Animal Planet featured a pseudo-documentary called I Was Bitten: Walker County Incident. The film follows a man named Daniel that was bitten by some unknown creature in his backyard. The creature resembled an animal that was half bear and half gorilla. Daniel believes the creature to be the result of a mutation caused by a chemical plant nearby.

As the film crew follows Daniel in his hunt for the creature and his interviews with other witnesses, we see Daniel's descent into paranoia and complete breakdown into his anti-social nature. Most of the documentary seems realistic. It's not until the very end when we see the government conspiracy that we realize we just watched a mockumentary. 

Although this documentary was exaggerated, the creature in Walker County may be real. Reports of strange creatures in Walker County include a white bigfoot and Sipsey, a cat-like creature.