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Dogman | WereWolf | WereBear: 

A real American Werewolf in Michigan:

The Michigan Dogman is a crypt-id creature first reported in 1887 in Wexford County, Michigan.

Sightings have been reported in several locations throughout Michigan, primarily in the northwestern quadrant of the Lower Peninsula.

In 1987, the legend of the Michigan Dogman gained popularity when a disc jockey at WTCM-FM recorded a song about the creature and its reported sightings.

Cultures all over the world have oral and written history of Were Beasts - part animal and part human.

I believe werewolves to be a rare genetic trait or lineage passed on in rare cases to individuals.
This rare genetic difference in an individual provides an opportunity for them to trigger a physical and mental transformation in times of high stress and lunar / seasonal points.
This trigger or event causes them to transform / morph into a were-creature, mostly identified as a werewolf.
This ability, mutation, or curse depending on your point of view does not make the person less human or evil, but must require some support by others like them to help control the physical and mental changes brought on by the transformation. The affect of the transformation does not make them evil, but if they become a danger to others and themselves.  The potential to allow themselves to become evil from their actions will become difficult. If the person feels in danger or threatened the natural instincts may become stronger than the person's humanity. This may cause the transformed person to perform acts of violence or rage.

All of humanity has the ability to fall victim to their own dark-side and act on them.  It does not require a transformation, curse, or were like ability to be and act evil.

Four most common theories on Dogman:

1. Lycanthropy: The creature is an actual werewolf - a human by day that can transform into the werewolf beast a form of lycanthropy.

Should be noted Michigan has one of the largest centralized ancestor from Scandinavian descent.

This culture has a large amount of werewolf and were-bear stories including the origins of "ulfheobar" or "ulfedinn" (wolf-coats) a type of berserkers.  These fighters went into battle with no armor and acted like mad dogs or wolves.

Maybe there is a genetic link - where some males offsprings of Scandinavian descent have inherited the curse of lycanthropy and under stress or certain circumstances can or will transform into a werewolf.  That would explain their natural hostility and the Dogman (Werewolf / WereBear) attempting to ward humans away from them in many modern cases and sightings.

2. Skin-Walker: The creature is a shape-shifter (skin-walker) a human who can take on the spirit of an animal and then physically to some degree transforms into it.

3. Big Foot: A subspecies of Big foot or even a deformed Big foot.

4. Wendigo: Dogman could be a Wendigo - which I believe not to be related to Big foot and a savage hunter of other intelligent species human, big foot, and your favorite dog.

Dogman has become more well known the last 5 years and those seeking Bigfoot have also come across the Dogman.

Most commonly, the Dogman is described as 6 feet tall and taller, having pointed ears (sometimes no ears are seen), a dog-like snout red eyes, and spindly legs that leave dog-like footprints.

Dogman encounters all seem to be unpleasant and fearful.  Where most Big Foot encounters the witnesses do not seem threatened.

Dogman is seldom photographed or filmed - seem capable to manipulating objects and very anger / frustrated when it discovers humans watching it.

Some big foot investigators have encounters both Big Foot and DogMan (Werewolf) in same area and in some cases witnessed dogman being aggressive to Big Foots.

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