from the Spanish words chupar, meaning “to suck”, and cabra, meaning “goat”; hence, literally, “goat sucker”: “a legendary cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas… The name comes from the animal’s reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats…

The creature has been sighted from Russia to Main and in areas like the Philippines.

It is most consist sighting are in Puerto Rico originally and slow migrating in all directions to other countries.

Many people refer to it as Chupacabra for short.


I believe El Chupacabra is the same create as the "New Jersey Devil" - people are just focusing on different aspects of the strange create.

The original sightings El Chupacabra Puerto Rico's legendary "goat sucker" is described as a fanged and clawed beast that performs vampirism on livestock.

The first accounts of its victims--often goats, chickens, horses, and cows--were reported in the 1950s by farmers who found animals drained of blood, with several large puncture marks.

Some who have allegedly sighted the creature describe it as a short, kangaroo-like monster with oversize teeth and an oval head, but others liken it to a large reptile, bat  or bear-like animal.

On Monday, March 11th, 1996, a Chupacabra allegedly traveled to the heart of Miami, where the devastation began in a residential area. The creature was blamed for over 2,000 animal deaths. Everything from rabbits and birds to horses and bulls were found dead with puncture wounds around their necks, the blood drained from their bodies.

Description: is roughly four to five feet tall, bipedal, with red eyes, claws, fangs, spinal quills that double as wings, grayish skin and a dinosaur-like tail. The unique feature is the row of spines reaching from the neck to the base of the tail.

Attack Method: it leaves at least 1 pair of 2 small holes on the body, depending on the size of the animal you will find additional set of wholes else where in the body. It generally drains large amounts of blood and removes parts of the vital organs in the process of the blood removal like hearts, liver and so forth.  It seems to always goes for an attack to the brain stem area to first kill the animal.  Then it feeds on it afterwards.  The other amazing item of notice is that even after 4 hrs being dead the victims bodies do not show signs of rigor mortis..  This would mean the Chupacabra most likely releases an anticoagulant similar to vampire bats to keep the blood draining freely even after death.

Hairless Dog: it is not a hairless wolf, coyote or wild dog with the mange, as has been reported recently by some news agencies.  If no puncture wounds and loss of blood as primary death on discovered dead livestock and animals...  Then a hairless dog with manage... it just a hairless dog with mange.

Government Conspiracy: Some government conspiracy types believe that it is a biological genetic experiment. Originally created as a potential alternate release and destroy type soldier. Possibly they where created in California or a secret lab in Puerto Rico.  Once they got released the El Chupacabra population grew and has spread across the Americas and Asia.

My Final Thoughts and Belief:  It is in fact the same species of animal called the " New Jersey Devil " and that location in New Jersey is one of the original places of discover by modern man for the animal.  The history of the New Jersey Devil is much older then the El Chupacabra. Except for the ancient folklore of certain South and North America Indian tribes having tales of a man size vampire bat the drank the blood of man and beast just the same.  Such tales from the Arawak Indians of Guyana, Guyanese Indians, and American Indians is not forgotten on me.

I believe it is a prehistoric larger version of the vampire bat or dragon like animal as in the description above. That has remained in the South and North Americas in secluded areas only to now spread to more human populated areas due to deforestation and the lack of big game cats and wolves which would be one of its few natural predators. 

Very easy resource of animal live stock as food such as goats, chickens, and so forth can be compared to a similar trend in the coyote of North America.  The coyote population has skyrocket since the removal of the majority of Americas primary predators. Now the Coyote can be easily spotted from California to New York city adapting its hunting / scavenging techniques to match the area in which they are currently living in.  This officially unknown creature El Chupacabra that has similar desire in small to med size animals for food as the coyote could be making a come back as well.

It is not that these animals where not in the Americas all this time.. It is just now their population has grown to the point of them encroaching into more civilized areas where they have easy access to live stock for food. People can now speak out more easily what has happened to them and thier livestock thanks to advances in technology such as cameras, video, TV, Internet, and other devices. This new technology has given them the ability to be heard and believed, without being considered cursed or crazy by the local establishments in which they live.  These 2 factors has increased the likelihood of even more sightings in the future.

I believe the animal both the El Chupacabra and Jersey Devil are a smaller dragon species that primarily drinks blood and eats areas of vital organs with the use of fangs like tubes that act as 2 straws.  Which punctures the victim forces anticoagulant into the system and sucks up the victim's blood and vital organs much like we would a milk shake.

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