Oklahoma lake monster - Oklahoma Octopus

The legend of a killer lake monster with red skin many arms  the size of a horse, and similar to a leech goes back to Native American legends.

Deaths of drownings by youths have risen in the recent years, despite the increased in awareness of children safety and move advanced forms of safety around these lakes.




  • No photo evidence or physical evidence of the monster
  • No proof of large freshwater octopus ever found
  • The main lakes claiming to have them are both fairly new lakes built in 1947 - Lake Tenkiller, 1965 - Lake Thunderbird.
  • Some believe that is could be a an undiscovered freshwater octopus.
  • Others believe it is related to the LUSCA, or African LAU, similar to the Wisconsin Devil's Lake Monster.

There is not much data on the Oklahoma lake monster

There are several recent sightings but no evidence or witness reports filed by any official channels.

Little to no photographic, video or physical evidence.

Just the same we will keep our eyes out for any updates.