Nessie / Champ / Issie / Van Lake Monster / Cadborosaurus

(Photo is a fake, but also famous for being one of the first good pictures of Nessie.)

Legends and activity of Nessie and her relatives are alive and well in our modern world of today.

History and recent sightings of this type of water horse / plesiosaur found all over the world.

This creature was been sited in Scotland (Nessie), USA (Champ), Japan (Issie), Turkey (Van Lake Monster), and others as well as large version in the ocean near Scotland, Greenland, west coast of North America.


Truth Here was created a species type list to help separate the different versions of water monsters being discovered.  This standard will help people better identify what type of water monster they are seeing.

We have discovered while going over countless reports that in some cases more then one type of water monster may inhabit the same area.  This can lead to confusing reports that are drastically different from one another. 

After review of all the credible information our  theory is that there are many water creatures types:

Each type of water creatures that inhabits the same area may actual feed of each other's young thus keeping the population to a minimal, yet healthy stock.



Serpent like Reptile

  • Fin at the end of the tai
  • May have small fins on each side, similar to a water eel.
  • Most cases it will appear to be more snake like
  • A extremely long body.

 (shown in picture is a fresh water eel)

  •   Many Sea Monsters
  •  Many Lake Monsters
  • Florida Muck Monster is most likely a Type:1


A plesiosaur (pronounced /ˈpliːsiəˌsɔər/; Greek: plēsios/πλησιος 'near' or 'close to' and sauros/σαυρος 'lizard') was a type of carnivorousreptile.

There is some belief that the modern plesiosaur may eat plant as well as animals for survival.

Technically there are long neck and short neck species.  The short neck version usually has a larger head. 

Famous: (Loch Ness) Nessie, (Japan) Issie, Cadborosaurus, (Lake Champlain ) Champ.

Van Lake seems to have a Dolichorhynchops version of a plesiosaur. details


  • A cross between a hooded seal and a manatee.
  • Very fast swimmers
  • Seal like face
  • Trident tail
  • Body of a slimmer musclular manatee
  • The majority of the sightings of the Florida Sea Monster (FLO) is believed to be type 3.


Mermen / Mermaid are mythical male or female legendary creatures who are human from the waist up and fish-like from the waist down.

  • Top body of human
  • Waiste down of fish
  • Green hair
  • Thought to be magical in nature


Mosasaurs (from Latin Mosa meaning the 'Meuse river', and Greek sauros meaning 'lizard') were serpentine marine reptiles.

They are still believed to be sighted in open ocean areas and ocean to fresh water inlets.


Type:6 Lizard Man 6 to 7 ft tall usually near water sources or underground cave systems.  Is known to be aggressive to humans. lizardman