Nahuel Huapi Lake  Monster (Nahuelito):






Nahuelito is a lake monster reported to live in Nahuel Huapi Lake, Patagonia, Argentina. Like Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, the Argentine creature is named after the lake she resides in and has been described as a giant serpent or a huge hump, as well as a plesiosaur.

Press coverage for the creature began in 1922, but reports of Nahuelito extend well into the nineteenth century. The Buenos Aires Zoo has been attempting to collect evidence on the animal since 1922, but no consequential evidence was found.

This photo - On April 17, 2006 the local newspaper El Cordillerano reported that an anonymous photographer dropped off two pictures of what he said is Nahuelito with a note that read "It is not a twisted tree trunk. It is not a wave. Nahuelito has shown his face. Lake Nahuel Huapi, Saturday April 15, 9 o'clock. I’m not giving out my personal information in order to avoid future headaches".

  Nahuelito-could be a Type 2 water monster.

Nahuelito seems to be a Muraenosaurus version of a plesiosaur. details

The photo is too good to be true, or could it be the real Nahuelito?


First Encounters with Nahuelito:

  • The legend of the moster began with the MAPUCHE indians oral traditions and history.
  • 1910 George Garret reported seeing the neck and head about 5 to 7 meters long.
  • 1960 Argentina Navy encountered an unidentifed submarine object for 18 days.
  • Sighting continue to present day.

Imagine that Nahuelito is real - a Muraenosaurus version of a plesiosaur. details

The photo does kind of reminds me of the Japanese movie monster (flying turtle) Gammara - hmm.

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