Lake Champlain Monster  (Champ):



This photo of Champ, the Lake Champlain monster was taken by Sandi Mansi in 1977.

The photo has never been proven to be a fake.  It appears to be a smaller "Champ" sun bathing on a sand bar. 

Because it is a possible baby champ, some critics try to ignore this photo.

In 1977, Sandra Mansi photographed Champ while she was having a picnic with friends. This is the best known photograph of Champ... it was published by Time and various other magazines. Champ has been featured on NBC TV's Unsolved Mysteries and Fox Network's Sightings, as well as on Japanese television and The Today Show. It has been the subject of books and hundreds of newspaper articles.


Champ seems to be a Type 2 Water Monster - that being said.

We believe that Type 1 water monsters ( sea serpents ) are also being seen at Lake.

There is some evidence that suggest there are at least 3 adult Type 2 Water Monster which use sonor similar to Orca Killer whales and dolphins for deep water navigation and hunting for food.

This a dog or Champ?


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