• The mysterious sea creature known as the Flathead Lake Monster has been talked about since.
  • The first documented sighting of the Flathead Lake Monster was in 1889. James C. Kerr skippered the U.S. Grant, a lake steamboat that made its rounds in Lake Flathead.
  • There have been many sightings since, most often reported to have occurred between April and September.
  • Because of the sightings of two creatures at the same time and the multiple sightings at different locations within a short time, there are theories that there are two different monsters.
  • Many sightings and recovered fishing nets with large holes.
  • Monster generally described as being between 20 and 40 feet long with humps on its back, steel black eyes and an eel or snake-like body.


Flathead Lake is on the southern tip of the Rocky Mountain Trench. It is located in northwest Montana and is the largest lake in the western United States, approximately 28 miles (50 km) long and 16 miles (25 km) wide, and 370.7 ft (113.0 m) in depth at its deepest point. It covers 191.5 sq mi (496 km2) and the average depth is 164.7 ft (50.2 m). Two rivers flow into the lake: the Flathead River and the Swan River.

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