- Carcharocles Megalodon and the Carcharodon Megalodon

The Megalodon, sometimes called the Black Demon / Submarine, is thought to be an extinct dinosaur that is still alive and well. There is sufficient physical evidence to show it was alive at some point in history, but the scientific community believe it to be extinct with the other dinosaurs of that time period. Normal media channels push down any thoughts it could be alive today as just foolish talk.

Yet more evidence is being discovered suggests it is alive and hungry.

Legend - Black Demon - sighted by witnesses in Sea of Cortez 

Myth - Submarine - 35 ft + shark near South Africa 1970s.

Magalodon - 65+ sighted by Discovery Channel 2014

Large Shark - 65+ sighted by Satellite photo 2015


1280px Megalodon tooth with great white sharks teeth 3 2
Megalodon Tooth compared to Great White Shark
megalodon shark scale 1
  • Believed to be all black or mostly black in color.
  • Range from 40 to 100 ft in length.
  • Deep diver and faster than any other confirmed sharks on record.
  • This is the ultimate hunter - nothing comes close to the killing potential of these sharks.


Megalodon WWII
This picture was taken by Nazi Germany near Cape Town, South Africa on 18 december 1942.
The estimated length from fin to tail is 64 ft, that would put the total size of this dino shark at around 100 ft in length!

[ Maybe fake: George Monbiot - felt this image is fake - click here to read his thoughts on it. ]

I saw this photo a few years ago - before Discover Channel released it as part of Shark Week, but for the life of me I can not find the original source.

So I leave George Monbiot's link for our readers to consider all options.

Please note my arguments against George Monbiot's thoughts.

Photo Processing:

"Sepia-toned photos are an old-timey trope and were typically used for family photos as an extra processing step on black and white photos to make them look better."

My remarks: If this was a real photo - The Nazis's would have considered it a treasured photo - why not watermark the photo to prove it was real and spend more money using Sepia-toned print?

In 1939 Hitler remarked " The future belongs to color photography" - Nazi War machine was very familiar with color and sepia-toned photography / print and produced many color and sepia-toned photos.

Here are links to Nazi photos in color | Hugo Jaegar - Hitler's personal Photographer |

Nazi swastika watermark:

"Nazi did not use watermarks on photos"

My remarks: I have not found any photos with watermarks on Nazi photos - but the watermark could have been stamped on after the fact to help identify the photo as important, or by the person that originally digitized the photo to make it easier for people to identify the military involved in the photo.

Note: If you look closer at the photo you can clearly see the swastika symbol was added on top of the original photo by stamp or after the photo was digitized. Thus the additional "watermark" could have been added much later in time after the original photo was produced. The Nazi symbol looks to perfect to me - which suggests it was added after it was digitized to computer format.  This does not make the photo fake - just suggests it was cataloged and marked as a Nazi photo.

Size of Shark:

"64 feet from fin to fin would have made the Megalodon twice as long as it was in prehistoric times."

My remarks: This is a sea creature - we do not have exclusive proof on how big these things could have gotten.  

Only recently have we proven the real existence of Colossal Squid and still not sure how big they really get in size.. 

Minimal Waves:

"In the photo, the fins create no waves or wakes despite the Megalodon's size and probable power, suggesting it's just… sitting there, in the water."

My remarks: This is the perfectly designed killing machine with minimal water resistance - how much waves does it have to make to be real?


Discovery Channel - Shark Week - Videos on the Megalodon

Shark Week - Baby Megalodon: 


Shark Week -Megalodon Satellite Photo:


Note: Many professors in the area of shark research claim that there is no credible evidence of the Megalodon being alive availabe as of today and these videos are dramatized with mostly actors and no real evidence..  Again - I leave it too the readers to decide what is real and what is not. 

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