First spotted by early american settlers in the 19th century and included in the folklore of the Washoe Indians.

The shaman / medicine men of the tribe warned the tribe against going near the Cave Rock.  It was not safe to go near the sacred area of Cave Rock for under the water was considered to be a group small powerful creatures called water babies that could blind or kill men, and it has forbiden by the general tribe to even speak of them.

These water babies are considered by some to be the babies of a healthy colony of Tessie pleiosaurs.

Other believe they are a tribe of mermaids or water spirts.

Ong - a thunderbird was suppose to have a nest at the center of the lake, and tribe members warned their children against wandering alone to far from camp at night.

Not seen as frquently as CHAMP or Nessie, but considered to be similar in nature.

A large lizard like plesiosaur with a hump on its back.

Famous sightings included:

  • San Francisco Chronicle on July 12, 1984, when the paper reported that two women had seen the Lake Tahoe leviathan a month earlier. Tahoe City residents Patsy McKay and Diane Stavarakas were hiking above the west shore when they spotted the creature swimming in the lake. McKay said the beast was about 17 feet long. She watched it closely and saw it surface three times “like a little submarine.” Her companion said that the creature had a humped back, and seemed to surface in a whale-like, lethargic manner.  She was also sure that it wasn’t a diver, a log, or a large ripple.
  • June 1982 - a pair of off-duty Reno policemen had also taken a turn with Tessie. Officers Kris Beebe and Jerry Jones were water-skiing in the lake, when an “unusually large” creature swam by them.
  • Mid-80s during a filming of a commercial shoot at Zephyr Cove on the Nevada side of the lake.  Where it was spotted by the director Mike Conway and kids.  Described as a brown humped beast that caused a wake during the filming.
  • In the Mid-1970s - The Famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau brought a mini-submarine to the lake, and did several dives in search of the 1,600-foot bottom. He returned to the surface allegedly saying, “The world isn’t ready for what is down there,” and to his death refused to release any pictures or data from the expedition.
 Lake Tahoe is also called the graveyard - According to local legend, the 900-foot-deep waters off South Shore served as a dumping place for Mob victims from the 1920s to the 1950s. Hundreds of gangsters’ corpses are suspended in the depths, they say, preserved from decay and prevented from gas-bloated surfacing by the near-freezing deep waters. So pervasive is this tale that many local fishermen refer to the area as “The Graveyard,” and a Tahoe-boat Mafia execution was featured in the climax of The Godfather Part II.
Underground River: it is believed by some investigators an underground river connects Lake Tahoe and Pyramid Lake. Some legends describe it as a hole and is located in Carnelian Bay.
Lake Tahoe - is california's largest freshwater lake and one of the deepest in america.
A Tahoe Tessie Museum and phone hotline for sightings have been established in Kings Beach on the north shore of the lake.

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