Cloud City seen in China, and some say also spotted in other parts of the world. 

1. Cloud City is an advanced holographic projection - I do not think so..

    Many normal media outlets - say it is a "Fata Morgana" = Illusion.

    The problem with this theory - is the City - is not a copy of a nearby city of China, it is not an inverted building or twisted object, but rather unique design that looks functional. 

    The Cloud City was seen in areas significantly distance apart from each other - yet both groups report and photograph the same buildings.

    Plus there is a Image of the Cloud City again being seen in California (not confirmed).


2. Cloud city floating around in the sky like Mount Olympus - maybe..

    I would love to imagine the city of Mount Olympus or other ancients Gods our floating around the skies today.

    But even if they had the ability to float - like Hanging Gardens of Babylon, or City of Enoch.

    I think more civilians would have recorded them by now or air planes spot them on regular basis during flights around the world.


3. Cloud city -  Air Craft / Vimana craft:

    Let’s assume the photos are real for a moment what would it take to work:

  • Craft like design on bottom that could move - forward, backward, up and down, maybe tilt
  • Control artificial gravity
  • Become invisible or fade from our reality as needed
  • Interdimensional travel

   These requirements are listed in ancient texts and stories on Vimana as standard capablities for them.


4. Cloud City - an advanced UFO - do not think so.

   The cities are clearly open design, not enclosed or shielded - so unlikely they would be designed for space travel.

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