UFO Attacks NASA Spaceship


The USA Columbia Space Shuttle (STS-107) Orbiter:

Official statement:

Nasa Accident Investigation Board released: PDF Download - final report on Aug. 26, 2003

Space.com | Columbia Disaster: What Happened, What NASA Learned - Web Link  (Feb 1 2013)

USA Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster:

On Feb 1, 2003 space shuttle Columbia broke up and all crew was lost.

USA lost seven astronauts on board and NASA suspended space shuttle flights for more than two years as it investigated the disaster.

Official last video in Space Shuttle crew cabin: 

NASA in 2008 - provide new details on the Disaster:

A new NASA report says that the seat restraints, suits and helmets of the doomed crew of the space shuttle Columbia didn't work well, leading to 'lethal trauma' as the out-of-control ship broke apart, killing all seven astronauts.

If the hole in the left wing was caused at take off - why was it not noticed during space walk, and the sensors did not fail during entry to space?

Warning of Content:

Because no one can disclaim the incident did not happen, and clearly these fine people's lives where lost.

I do not want to offend anyone by our speculation or alternate theories on what happened to cause the Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster.

So if by chance you have tender feelings on this topic.. please stop reading right now!

Columbia Shuttle attacked by Aliens?

A video surfaced on the internet showing from the space station video recording the destruction of the space shuttle.

The video suggests it was actual shot down near the space station by UFO or aggressive party.

The only complaint by the UFO enthusiasts was the NASA logo and how it appears on the Columbia video.

I have observed the last few years that the NASA photos with collaborating pictures that are the same as the video showing the destruction of Columbia have been removed for the most part by NASA.

Not only that but photos of the Columbia Shuttle showing the right side with the NASA logo placed on the body have been replaced with ones not showing it?

This seems to be a cover up by NASA to convince UFO enthusiasts that this video shown below of the Columbia Space Shuttle (STS-107) Orbiter is fake.


1. Read NASA statement - Columbia broke up during re-entry.

2. Watch the 2 Official videos above.

3. Watch the videos of different people thoughts on UFO attack video.

4. Than look at the photos I have gathered from NASA that clearly show that the "NASA" Logo does appear on the body of the craft after the United States.

5. Review my theories on why it was shoot down by aggressive party in space.

Than come to your own conclusion on what really happened to the Columbia Space Shuttle.

Columbia Shuttle attacked by Aliens - review each for commentary by posters in YouTube?


My thoughts on video:

The Columbia Shuttle attacked by Aliens - the audio has more details, last longer, clearer to hear than the official NASA Video. 

The Columbia Shuttle attacked by Aliens video seems to be real but is clearly different than the one released by NASA on what happened.

The NASA logo placement mentioned by many to determine that the video was fake .. it not true.  I have multiple authentic photos of the Columbia with the NASA logo being shown on the body of the craft! 

This is the official photo of the Columbia Space Shuttle take off:

The Nasa Archives shows real photos of the shuttle with the "Nasa" logo just as this video shows. http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/gallery/images/shuttle/sts-107/html/03pd0113.html

Here is enhanced version of photo:

03pd0113 NASA LOGOB


 Columbia with NASA Logo:


KSC 02PD 1892B

Another with NASA Logo:


History The First Space Shuttle Flight SF still 624x352

Another at take off:



Why did it break apart / get shoot down?

I believe the re-entry was not normal for a space shuttle.

That as mentioned by others - it was entering from a Northern 69 - degree orbit.

To place a spy satellite in orbit before it came to earth.

Attacked by Russia?

Many suggest the shuttle attempted to place a spy satellite in orbit to cover Russia and Russia sent a group of smart missiles to stop the release.

Attacked by UFOs from the Black Knight?  [Black Knight info]

Others suggest this Northern orbit would put is very close to the orbit of the Black Knight satellite during that period.

Ancient satellite / space craft that has been orbiting earth since the beginning of human history.

The shuttle probe / spy satellite was designed to get better data and photos of the Black Knight as the shuttle re-enter the earth.

What weapon did this to the shuttle?

From the video - assuming it is real:

The damage inflicted looks more like plasma or laser holes, not missile explosives.

Remember the smart missiles or UFO tracked the shuttle down and launched the attack as it was about to re-enter the earth.

That mean the UFO / Smart missile had to track and release payload while shuttle was about to re-enter.

This could not be a dumb round, or standard missile system.

The holes look like the shuttle was pierced by a hot soldering iron multiple times and shock like a rage doll.

If it had been heavy metal electromagnetic rail gun - the risk of the ammunition be found mixed in with debris is very high, because the rounds would not burn up at re-entry.

No burn marks, which suggest external explosive system was not used - just holes and the shuttle being torn apart.

I would say plasma weapon the bore holes into the shuttle and caused internet explosion of fuel system that torn the shuttle apart.

Such technology is available by UFO weapon systems or Russia military space program.