Men in Black (MIBS)

They are believed to be a group of investigators / agents / detectives that deal in the suppression of information on supernatural, space alien, ufo and mythical creatures.

Usually appear in pairs of 2 or 3 men dressed in black suits, white shirts, brimmed hat to cover head, sometime black glasses and driving an older black sedan.  They tend to be pale skin and sometimes with no facial hair or hair on top of the head.

They encourage witnesses of unusual events not to tell anyone about it.  Sometimes threaten the witness with unpleasant consequences if the person insists on going public with what they witnessed.

What makes them seem less human?

During the conversations with witnesses (you):

  • They are sometimes fascinated with common technology of that period.
  • One men in black's face may appear like a famous person or a family/relative, yet clearly when talking to them you discover they are not that person.
  • They have detailed information about your encounter and your self.  
  • Loss of time and unusually memory issues may occur after meeting them. 
  • You may see strange people follow you and have a persistent feeling of being watched.
  • Random encounters at your door or on the street - almost like they appear out of now where.  You also have problems remembering common details like where did they go after talking to you.

I believe "Men in Black" are a agency of beings (possibly not human) that have the task of managing extreme supernatural, unexplainable, and UFO related incidents.

  • Keep the "Wild" encounters of rare supernatural, rare species, and aliens from causing minimal damage and interaction with normal humans.
  • Keep the information about such rare species and alien origin intelligent beings from being shared, spread and brought to fact to the general masses of humanity.
  • Keep dangerous alien or biological technology from being used / mass produced / acknowledged as real by humanity at large.
  • Manage international intelligence to guide, share, control and contain certain levels of technology on earth. 
  • Act as a middle man between the reality of the world as we believe it to be and the real world that is much stranger than we could possibly imagine.

#1st Possible Idea - "Men in Black" are not Human:

Who are the Men in Black - One of the best ides I researched some years ago suggests this idea:

The "Men in Black" are actually middle earth humanoids (elf) species.  This species separated from us and left the surface of the earth right before the biblical flood.  They enjoy a more advanced technology than humans, but also have a greater desire to keep a balance between nature and mankind. I am not saying they a all benevolent higher species. Rather a group of intelligent humanoids that have learned from their own failures and try to limit when possible ours or the use of weapons of mass destruction. They focus on limiting the use of weapons or technology that could threaten not only mankind, but also the other intelligent species of life on earth as well that live here.  

First - the easiest way to limit the use of ancient technology or biological technology that could threaten the world is keep the general masses of humanity in the dark about the other species that live on earth and live among them.  

Second - step would be to limit our population on earth through means of biological weapons (AIDS, MERC and others) and very so often small wars. The use of media, false information and political intrigue to have the general humanity in fear of over population, over use of natural resources, and fear of the future in general.

Third - keep humanity on a leash - put key figures all over the world in their control to sway and push humanity in direction of their common goals. Control and influence the larger media groups to curb the release of some information and keep the general populace fascinated about information that is pointless and self serving.  

#2nd Possible Idea - "Men in Black" are an international intelligence group, similar to the movies:

Yes - they could be a branch of NSA and/or Darpa - that gathers, tracks and minimizes the spread of Top Secret military projects as well as the weird, supernatural, alien / ufo encounters.  If you think this has merit - than watch the movies Men in Black for more ideas.

#3rd Possible Idea - "Men in Black" are both groups working sometimes together and apart with similar agendas:

USA lead team of intelligence / paramilitary agency to suppress and control weird encounters of all kinds, that sometimes work with an agency of humanoids/aliens tasked with a similar agenda to protect the interests and safety of humanoids/aliens species that live on and near earth.


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