Draconians: (Serpent Aliens / Demons / Reptoid / Ubaid Lizard Men / Naga / Djinn / Kappa)

dragon people Note: these ideas are speculative theories and possible concepts of how fallen spirits / demons influence humanity.

The youtube videos all have their own thoughts and ideas of the Lizard men, demons and humanity in general. I am not in agreement with everything being said, but they do touch upon some truths that should be considered and thought about.

Draconians are believed to be a false species of aliens, who's actual origin is spirits of fallen angels cast out of heaven during the war in heaven when Lucifer was cast out.  These spirits where cast out of heaven with no physical bodies, yet kept full knowledge of the mysterious of God. Once in spirit / ghost form they then begin to travel around the universe attempting to influence the worlds populated by children of God.  

In time they developed and or influence humanity with enough advanced technology to create artificial bodies to host their own spirits. Their need to better interact with the physical world and make their own lives more comfortable lead to the creation of different false species of artificially created bodies to host demons and fallen spirits.  

The fallen spirits and Anunnaki had many wars with each other, humanity, Angels of Heaven, other intelligent species from other worlds, and the Great Flood.  Which all caused set backs and time periods of rebuilding lost technology over again to the point where it could help them create a better host body. In the end they developed the Draconian species stronger then humans, faster, longer life span and so forth.


These are some of the forms which allow demons / fallen spirits to have a physical body to interact with our world and others.

1. Small greys - worker class demons / fallen spirits - these bodies came from abducted humans fetuses that our fast grown into little grey men.

2. Humanoid like creatures - genetic experiments and cross breading of humans with other species, such as tall greys and others.

3. Possession - the ability to take over other live forms such as humans and live in their bodies.

4. Small Lizard Men - worker types - gifted with bodies that can sustain them long periods.

5. Naga / Kappa / Draconian bodies for higher level demons - which can reproduce and age very slowly. Draconian species have the ability to transform from draconian to human either by physical change or hologram technology. 

6. Higher Draconian / Naga with white wings - these are considered elite types such as Lucifer.

Since the time Lucier and his legion was cast out of Heaven:

They have populated our Earth and other Earth like planets before the time of Adam and Eve and shortly after to effect change on the earths, provided science, technology, and magic to humans on the planets to better improve the lifestyle of the Draconian / Anunnaki people and to frustrate the will of God dealing with the future of humanity.

Heavenly Father / God:

The primary reason for the great flood - was because mankind being so affected by the Draconian / Anunnaki (children of fallen angels) genetically as well as socially that it corrupted them in body, mind and soul. To the point God felt the need to almost start over with humanity on our earth. Instead God created the flood to provide a chance for children of Adam with purer genetics and faith in God to rule the earth as it was attended by God / Heavenly Father.

Today once again the Fallen Angels / Fallen Watchers / Draconians have infected human society to a high degree either through direct human possession or higher level artificial bodies (Draconian).  They have assumed the roles of people and families in power around the world to continue the pursuit of the destruction of mankind and the betterment of their kind in general.


The Naga, Kappa, higher Draconian species have the ability to procreate and live in the host body until death. Then at death they will have artificial host bodies ready for them to move back into so the spirit does not have to linger without a body.  They are denied entry into Heaven - but can be captured and sent to hell.  They have created false heavens and other planets in the universe to mock Heavenly Father's plan and to facilitate a false future for themselves.  When Jesus Christ returns to earth in the last days - the fallen angels, draconian species, fallen spirits will be rounded up and put in hell for a time. 

Planet X and Anunnaki:

Gold, Copper, other rare earth metal is important to these alien species to be used off world, such as on planet X.  These materials are suppose to help build artificial shields to better protect the planet needed because of it abnormal rotation around the dead star (twin of the our sun) and the rest of the solar system.  

Slave Races:

I believe these fallen angels and children of fallen angels "Anunnaki" create humanoid like slave species to help mine for gold and act as workers during per-babylonian time period before and after the flood.  Some of which are known today as BigFoot, Mermaids, Dwarfs and Elf species.

Greater False Races: (Draconians / Anunnaki)

The great flood & Angels of God killing and capturing the great false gods and putting them into the pit - reduced the power and influence of the Greater False Races on earth. This gave not only humanity a chance for freedom but also the slave races (BigFoot, minor lizard men, Dwarfs, Elfs, Giants and so forth) independence and freedom. In general these slave races after some conflicts with the growing population of humanity during the dark ages. Now try to avoid contact with humans as well as Draconians \ Anunnaki in general.

War of the Worlds:

The Anunnaki and Draconian races are not always in agreement - similar to the lore of greek Gods mythology - which where Anunnaki and children of Anunnaki.  These species fight among themselves even today each trying to influence and control this earth and other planets like earth as best the can.


Children of Adam is not a slave race nor where we created by Annunaki or Draconian species as many would like to teach.

Children of Adam our directly create by heavenly father in his image and the true race of the makers.  Each human has the potential to grow in spiritual power and intelligence that in time can rival any of the Anunnaki and Draconian races.  We as children of Heavenly Father the creator of this universe have unlimited potential. The other races glory and power our shadows to Heavenly Father and our right to access this power is our great gift from him.  But much of this potential of being human does not come into play until after our death and resurrection by Jesus Christ. When he returns to save the earth during the last days.

Environmental problems:  

This Earth has a natural cycle of change about every 3500 yrs - the magnetic poles shift, antarctica melts and earth becomes green again. We are in the beginning stages of this happening again. Which will result in many nature catastrophes, earth quakes, droughts, and changes all over the planet. The draconians want us to believe - the only way to save the earth is to reduce the population of humans - this is a lie! They only want to reduce the population of humans - because of control.  They do not need some many of us around - it puts them a risk of being discovered and killed by humans. The earth will do what it wants despite us. Just short of nuclear war humanities influence on earth as a whole is very limited at best in the scale of hundreds of years of change. A few hundred years - what we can and will do on earth can easily be swept away all naturally.  Not I am not saying burn more oil - I am saying we are not as much an influence as others would tell you about Earth and her changes in mood or cycles.

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