Thunder Bird - Flying Monster:


 Thunder Bird - Flying Monster

This section is focusing on large feathered Flying Monsters called Thunder Bird, Piasa Bird, ROC, Teratorn, Sylphs and Quetzalcoatl.

"Pie-ah-Saw" Piasa - name by local Indians of northern Michigan in the 1600s believed to kill and eat humans on sight.  Its name means The Bird That Devours Men.

"Rukh" Roc - mid east Arab legend of a great bird so large an elephant could be swallowed in one bite.

Quetzalcoatl - Mesoamerican deity comes from the nahuatl language meaning of "feathered-serpent".  It was believed to be worshiped in the Mexican Highland, around the time of Jesus Christ New Testament Period.

What does Thunder Bird look likeIt has a wing span of 30 feet +, colorful feathers, but also recognized as a serpent more then a bird.





  • There is not much data on the Thunder Bird.
  • There are several recent sightings in Alaska and other states in the USA.
  • But little in the way of good photos, video or physical evidence.
  • We will keep our eyes out for any updates.


It alleges to show hunters from the 1800s, early 1900s, with a large "thunderbird" they have shot.


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