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Where Reality is the Unbelievable.. Let us show you some info that will at best make you uncomfortable, awakened, and more aware of what our world and beyond is really like.

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Truth is here for those that want to risk knowing it.

  • We research and share information on Cryptozoology topics.
  • Seek truth of the Unbelievable, Unexplained, and Incredible.
  • Track Monsters, strange animals, creatures, things that go bump in the night.
  • Bring to light the otherworldly from Ghosts to Aliens and the unknown.
Truth is Here Cryptozoology - we seek to discover and verify the Unbelievable, Unexplained, Incredible dealing with cryptids and the unknown.
We are dedicated to sharing, explaining, and gathering information on topics of unbelievable existence, yet have truth in them.
We have the courage to share and post these topics considered unbelievable, wacko, and unthinkable.
Do you have the courage to keep an open mind, read, and discover the rest of the truth?
If so you are welcome to continue to explore our site and its content.
Update: 2015
The website has gotten a face lift with new theme, categories and topics.
Faster server to help handle the large amount of viewers on the website.
New comment system - so that readers can post thier own thoughts and statements.
New system for writers - to make it easier for more writers to come and add content.
Removed the need for adobe flash on our website.

Famous Monsters - Have you seen any of these in your back yard?

One may be closer to your home then you realize!